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Our Kingdom requires a new King! You can play Like a King unblocked online on now, and it's totally free!

- Do you enjoy strategy games, tower defense, and collecting card games? Check!

- Are you prepared for intense multiplayer combat and epic confrontations? Check!

- Are you terrified of orcs, goblins, and elves with keen eyes? Check!

So, my King, you're all in! Put on your crown, go to your castle, and start playing right now.

What is Like a King?

Like a King by LAK Games is a deck-building and tower defense game. You are a monarch tasked with defeating other kings by employing and combining the card units. Each card depicts a unique unit that may be employed on the battlefield. Some of them engage in combat, while others mine gold and construct traps for the opposing unit. Complete goals, build a strong deck, and most importantly, plan your strategy properly in order to be the only true king who survives!

Real-time strategy

How to play Like a King?

To spawn a unit, tap on an empty tile. Draw a line from the unit you want to attack to the opposing unit you want to attack. Rethink your strategy and kill all opposing troops before they destroy yours.

Defeat enemies worldwide!

Features of Like a King

- Battles against live players in real time - RTS

- Large card arsenal to gather and play

- Three factions: Humans, Orcs, and Undead

- Quick combat with many approaches

- Campaign with a large plot and boss fights

- Arena generation mechanism - each combat takes place on a different terrain

- Weekly Tournaments with special awards

- Duels against the most despised opponents

- Quests and Seasons - League Tournaments

How to Play Like a King Unblocked

To play Like a King unblocked, normally, you just need to visit, search Like a King and click the Play Now Button.

Even so, if you are still unfortunately blocked, we hope these tips may help you:

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Gather a powerful army!

Do you see that poor player on the other side of the battlefield, your Majesty? That's your competitor. And there will be many of them for you, my King. You will combat them by erecting towers, mines, and barracks, as well as directing your men to demolish the enemy's fortress. In these encounters, you and your opponent fight online, and each of your decisions and moves affects who wins.

How to play Like a King on

Search Like a King in, you can play Like a King game online in the browser.

Is playing doodoolove Like a King free?
Playing doodoolove Like a King is completely free, you don't need to pay for it!
Do you need to install an app to play doodoolove Like a King?
Doodoolove Like a King is an online game, you can experience the fun of Like a King without downloading the app.
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